KIPS Speakers

1. Takeji Hashimoto (Polymer Chemistry)
 A Summary of My Long-Term Collaborative Research with Polymer Division at NBS and NIST

2. ToshiRo Masuda (Kyoto University)
 Polymer Physics in Kyoto

3. Shunsaku Kimura, Kazuya Kitagawa, Tomoyuki Morita (Material Chemistry)
 Electron Transport through Monomolecule or Bundle of Helical Peptides
 Immobilized on Substrate

4. Toshikazu Takigawa (Material Chemistry)
 Flow-Induced Swelling of Polymer Gels

5. Hiroo Iwata, Yusuke Arima (Frontier Medical Sciences)
 Cell Adhesion on Self-Assembled Alkanethiol Monolayers with Various Functional Groups

6. Haruyuki Inui (Materials Science and Engineering)
 Identification of Crystal Chirality by Electron Diffraction

7. Yoshifumi Sakaguchi, Kozaburo Tamura (Materials Science and Engineering)
 Photo-Generated Patterns in Liquid Sulphur

8. Fumio Sanda, Toshio Masuda (Polymer Chemistry)
 Synthesis and Properties of Amino Acid-Derived Helical Polyacetylenes

9. Yoshinobu Tsujii, Kenji Okayasu, Kohji Ohno, Takeshi Fukuda (Chemical research)
 Surface Interaction of High-Density Polymer Brushes

10. Yo Nakamura (Polymer Chemistry)
 Wormlike-Chain Properties of Polystyrene Polymacromonomers in Solution

NIST Speakers

1. Richard S. Stein (University of Massachusetts)
 Light Scattering Studies of Polymer Crystallization

2. Charles C. Han (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Chemistry, Beijing)
 Fluctuation Induced Crystallization in a Simultaneously Phase Separation
 and Crystallization Polyolefin Blend System

3. Jack F. Douglas (Polymers Division)
 Symmetry, Equivalence and Self-Organization

4. James A. Warren (Metallurgy Division)
 Phase-Field Modeling of Polycrystalline Growth

5. Leonid A. Bendersky (Metallurgy Division)
 Structural Hierarchies in Alloys and Ceramics

6. Kathryn L. Beers (Polymers Division)
 Microfluidic Technology for Polymer Synthesis, Formulation and Characterization

7. Vivek Prabhu (Polymers Division)
 Direct Measurement of the Counterion Distribution in Swollen Polyelectrolyte Films

8. Christopher M. Stafford (Polymers Division)
 Elastic Moduli of Ultrathin Polymer Films

9. Marcus T. Cicerone (Polymers Division)
 Hyperspectral Imaging and Glassy Dynamics for Tissue Engineering

10. Wen-Li Wu (Polymers Division)
 Application of X-Ray Scattering and Reflectivity for Nanostructure Characterization